a little more about bre creative...

I'm Breanna, the creative mind & owner behind Bre Creative. I have been designing for a variety of mediums for over 15 years - including magazines, newspapers, websites, corporate branding & marketing collateral as well as many others.

I enjoy working with multiple industries, but especially small businesses and finding out a way we can work as a team to develop and bring their business goals & visions to life. My spirit animal is a unicorn and I channel that energy into all my projects and the way I live my life.

I love & live in Texas with my amazing husband and our bassett hound Jerry. We live in the country where I can see the stars on nights it is clear - a big change of pace from the city life I grew up with, but it's fueled an entire new creative drive and I couldn't be happier. In my spare time, I am a pilates instructor and enjoy travel, painting and exploring craft breweries.

and my awesome team that helps make your magic...

Coline is a marketer at heart, she's worked in branding, marketing strategy and planning for 10 years in jewelry retail, transportation and finance industries. She loves to get in the customer's mindset to create a customer-first approach and increase loyalty.

During her off time she loves to spend time with her family and travel around the world.

email marketing


Nolan is a graphic designer and photographer, he has worked as a graphic designer/photographer for 7 years, creating everything from email headers, Facebook ads, gifs, brochures, signage. For photography he has shot product for companies, pictures for social, headshots.

With his time off he loves to spend time with his family, paint or draw and travel as much as he can

photography & design


As Bre's husband, Shaun provides snacks, support and unconditional love. When Bre is working late, he'll make sure to cook dinner, refill her wine or beer and tell her how proud he is of her. He also lets her do ridiculous things like take pics where she's thrown an axe over his head.

professional snack provider


Jerry plays a vital role in making sure Bre takes plenty of breaks away from the computer to let him outside, give him pets or treats. 

professional break enforcer



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